smallest viable transistors

BOFFINS AT THE University of Manchester have managed to carve stable transistors just one atom thick by ten atoms wide according to the New Scientist.

The smallest viable transistors, even made from the new material, were until now more than ten times that size. But the new method, which involves chopping the honeycomb-shaped material into “quantun dots” to give it switchable conductivity, has lead to speculation that Moore’s Law could soon be shattered.

There are other transistors which can be made as small as the new graphene prototype, but they operate at such high temperatures that they require extreme cooling using volatile gases.

The big news here is that Graphene-based chips would run happily at room temperature.

There is, of course, one tiny caveat. No-one has worked out how to create the devices on an industrial scale, but it’s only a matter of time. µ

New Scientist



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