MiG 15 in Discovery Channel


Jet Fighter MiG-15 was established in OKB AI Mikoyan in 1947. The first test flight of I-310 aircraft (MiG-15) committed on December 30, 1947. Piloting the aircraft largest chamber VN Yuganov. MiG-15 had sagittal and wing coverts (35 degrees), located in the middle of the fuselage, told in flight three-chassis, gas-tight cabin, air brakes to reduce speed when steep decline, and the hydraulic drive, helped pilot reject government at high speeds. To safely leave the aircraft at high speed used katapultnoe chair. Arming MiG-15 consisted of a 37 mm gun and two 23-mm calibre. At raised fighter engine RD-45 F (license English engine “Nin-2”), who was behind the pilot’s cabin and had cravings 2270 kg.During flight testing conducted at an altitude of 5000 m speed showed 1028 km / h, and at an altitude of 2620 m-1042 km / h. In March 1948, the MiG-15 was launched in serial construction. On the basis of MiG-15 was built a fitness trainer fighter MiG-15 UTI, which, after passing the test was passed up and running in production.
At the MiG-15 was the engine BK-1 with 2700 kg of thrust, which has enhanced performance aircraft
. Maximum speed is increased to 1076 km / h. This modification also set a speed 23 mm cannon, servo system eleronami offices, and equipment entering the landing on OSP-48 devices. In 1950, based on the MiG-15 bis modifications were built MiG-15 fighter Sbis option escorts and MiG-15 Rbis option aircraft, which have been tested and are mass-produced. Also at the fighter MiG-15 bis tested Soviet radar station Toriy- A “and” Emerald “. The station “Emerald” for the first time allow for full use of a single fighter aircraft to intercept enemy aircraft and maintenance deliberately firing on them regardless of visibility conditions. The fighters MiG-15 and MiG-15 bis were baptized battle in the skies Korean Peninsula and has advantages over the American fighter. In air battles Korean War MiG-15 won the right called the best fighter serial start-50’s. He was the first fighter to the sagittal wing, which was built massive series. Total 13131 aircraft was built MiG-15 and its modifications.
In addition, the serial production of aircraft has been established in Poland and Chehoslova

Flight characteristics:

Размах крыльев The magnitude wings 10,8 м 10.8 m
Длина Length 10,04 м 10.04 m
Площадь крыла Space Wing 20,6 кв.м 20.6 square. m
Масса взлетная, кг Mass airstrip kg 4806
Тип двигателя Engine Type РД-45Ф RD-45 F
Тяга двигателя Engine Thrust 2270 кгс 2270 kgs
Максимальная скорость, км\ч Maximum speed km \ h 1050
Практическая дальность The practical range 1420 км 1420 km
Практический потолок Service ceiling 15200 м 15,200 m
Экипаж Crew 1 чел one person
Вооружение Arming 1 пушка 37 мм one 37 mm cannon
2 пушки 23 мм two 23 mm cannon


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